Sketch (Prototype) Game
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Sketch is a 2D game that takes place in a classroom. The goal is to collect a variety of gifts to give to your crush in order to woo her - but don't get caught! Get caught three times and you'll get detention. Successfully fill the swoon meter however and you'll get the girl!

Why 'Sketch'?
Sketch was developed as part of a game design and Unity exercise. We were asked to come up with some themes and develop a mind map from those themes. We then had to narrow down the themes and think of mechanics to go with them. Finally, we were asked to develop one of those as a 2D game. Those were the only rules and the result was Sketch.

I had initially come up with a number of themes, including music and photography. I had picked those themes as they are interests of mine and I would have an idea what could be incorporated into the theme. However, classroom was chosen as I thought it had more potential for mechanics to be introduced. The theme of classroom was ultimately chosen as it was the most exciting theme to me in terms of mechanics and potential.

As mentioned, Sketch is a 2D game that takes place in a classroom and the goal is to woo your crush without getting caught. The teacher will turn around at random intervals to scan the room and if you are caught walking around, you will be forced to drop what you are currently holding and sit back down at your seat. If you get three warnings, you will get detention and fail to get a date. The game also gets more difficult as it progresses. The teacher will start to scan the room more often and faster so be careful!

Project Role
Sketch was a solo project that was developed using Unity and Photoshop. All aspects of the game (game design, programming, art work) except audio and fonts are my own. I take no credit for the audio and no copyright infringements are intended. If there are any issues regarding this, please contact me and I will make amends immediately.

Results and Experience
Designing and making Sketch was one of the most fun projects for me. This was due to a number of things. The classroom theme was initially an afterthought for the lack of ideas that I had. However, once I put it down on paper, the idea grew rapidly and it was exciting to see it develop. It was even more exciting when artwork was added into the mix, especially since this was the first game where the artwork was my own. To see it grow and form into a full game over time was exciting and fun. It quickly became a project that I knew I would want to develop further when I had the time.

There were a number of things that were added and refined during the development process for the game. Once the basics were set, it was important that the game had some form of progression in it. As a result, the idea that the teacher would scan more frequently and faster was added. In addition to this, some playtesting showed that during the first few scans from the teacher, it was possible to simply outrun the scan since it would scan in one direction the whole way. This also made the game less exciting as it was all too predicable. Consequently, unpredictability was added into the game with two random triggers.

One of these is the speed of the teacher's scan. Although it speeds up overall as it becomes more difficult, it also varies within the turn. For example, the first half of the classroom may be fast but the second half of the room may be scanned slower. The other random trigger comes from the direction. One of the things that I found playtesting the game is that once the scan had gone past you could get up and walk around without caring since it only went in one direction. So, I added a random trigger to turn around and scan back the other way. This added the sense of unpredictability and more tension in the game. I found myself risking running back and hoping the teacher won't look. It added nerves and tension into the game which is exactly what it needed. Overall, as a small snippet of what will hopefully become a fuller game, I think it's a good demonstration of what it could become.

Sketch to me was a learning experience in how a seemingly simple and boring theme can become something so much more when incorporating different aspects of that theme into the game and finding interesting mechanics in it. The theme of a classroom may seem dull to some but to me, it quickly became exciting when ideas were blooming and mechanics came into play. Sketch also showed me how exciting and thrilling it can be to develop and watch a game grow from one single word into a full game and I look forward to working on it more.

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