Eden Isle: Resort Paradise
Eden Isle: Resort Paradise
In 2015, I worked in Simteractive as a game design intern on a six months contract. Simteractive is a Dublin based video game developer that specialises in causal sim games. My time at Simteractive allowed me to take the skills and experiences gained during my Master course and apply them to Simteractive's first title Eden Isle: Resort Paradise. I was able to work on the early stages of production into the lead up to the beta release. I learned the production flow and work in a game development company environment. It was a wonderful learning experience that I am very grateful for.

Project Role
During my time at Simteractive, I worked on various areas of the game. These duties included but not limited to:

- Game Balancing: Balancing various areas of the game regarding game currencies, times, achievements etc.

- Writing: Writing up design documents and in-game strings such as descriptions, goals, tutorial texts, notifications etc.

- Goals: Writing and designing in game goals.

- Analytics: Researched analytics options, deciding what to track and analysing the results.

- UI Mockups: Created multiple UI mockups for in game menus and features.

- Research: Researched a large number of other games regarding various areas of game design.

- QA/Testing: Continuously tested the game as well as play-testing with users and analysed the results gathered from play-testing.

- Game flow and tutorial: Worked on the tutorial and initial game flow of the game.

- Game mechanics: Worked on and designed various game mechanics, both new and existing, to improve the existing system.


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