Amusements Game
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Amusements is a small scene developed in Unity as part of a Games Programming assignment. The idea was to demonstrate what we learned in C# for Unity. We were asked to demonstrate a number of different skills. This included: using various game object types, event handling, appropriate use of physics and audio content, Mecanim for animation, retention and use of state variables and finally, design and implementation of a HUD, game controls and some form of AI.

Why 'Amusements'?
Amusements was developed from a programming POV rather than game design. So the goal was to include a number of different features. As a result, there are two parts to Amusements. There's the opening scene where the player controls a character around an aracde. This scene demonstrates a number of things such as Mecanim animation in all the characters, including NPCs, and AI in the employee. Amusements was also used as an opportunity to refine Turntable. Here, I was able to add saving features to the game as well as refine the GUI. Incorporating Turntable into the game, also allowed me to introduce saving with the coins and tickets system in the game.

Players control a character in an amusements where they can play Turntable and be able to win tickets, depending on the score they get in the game. These tickets can then be exchanged for coins in order to play more games of Turntable. In order to do this, the player simply has to go up to the desk where the employee will exchange them. For more informaiton on Turntable, click here.

Project Role
Amusements was a solo project. I can take credit for the programming and game design of the game. However, all models, audio and art work is not mine. If there are any issues regarding this, please contact me and I will make amends immediately.

Results and Experience
Amusements was a great exercise for myself to become familiar with C# and Unity. It allowed me to work with and learn a number of different functions and aspects of programming. Many of the things I learned from working in Amusements was later applied and expanded upon in different projects. Although, many of the things in Amusements were simple and basic, it helped significantly in understanding the basics, allowing me to further expand and develop on them for future games.

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