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Eden Isle: Resort Paradise

Digital - iOS Sim Game
iOS/Unity (C#)/Game Design Intern/2015

I worked as a game design intern for Simteractive Ltd. I worked on areas such as game balancing, narrative writing, analytics, UI mockups, QA, research, game flow and mechanics.

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Simteractive Ltd.
Eden Isle: Resort Paradise in the App Store
Anything But Small Talk!

Anything But Small Talk! is the first game I designed and it is a personal favourite of mine. It is a game inspired by YouTube's SourceFedNERD’s ‘Table Talk' series, Apollo Robbins' TED Talk on 'The Art of Misdirection' and my own introversion. As a result, ABST! was born based on the themes of memory, misdirection and conversation.

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This Time Around

Digital - Exploration Interactive Fiction Game
Windows & Mac/Unity (C#)/Solo Project/2015

This Time Around is an exploration/interactive fiction game based on the themes of memories and forgiveness. It is available to play now on

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This Time Around on
This Time Around on GitHub

Amusements is a small scene developed in Unity that features Turntable as a mini game. It was developed as part of a Games Programming exercise. The idea was to demonstrate what we covered in C# in Unity including Mecanim animation, retention and use of state variables and AI.

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Amusements on Github

Sketch is a 2D web game where your goal is to collect a variety of gifts to give to your crush in order to woo her - but don’t get caught! If you get caught three times, you’ll get detention.

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Sketch on Github

Turntable is a physics game inspired by pinball, pachinko and Peggle but with a twist. The goal of the game is to get the high score by guiding the balls into the corresponding score pockets. Lose all three lives by letting them fall into the side pockets and you’ve lost.

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Turntable on Github

Analog - 3D Tabletop Puzzle Game
2-4 Players/~20mins/Group Project/2014

Circuits is an exciting and unique 3D abstract puzzle game that challenges players’ spatial awareness. Build circuits from all angles, compete with players to be the first to reach your goal, and block any threats you see coming! Be careful though because everyone’s destination is a secret.

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Hopscotch 2: Elements

Analog - Physical Game (Unnecessary Sequel)
2-4 Players/~10-15mins/Group Project/2014

Hopscotch 2: Elements was designed as part of a small assignment for a ludology class. The task was to design and play a sequel to a game that is over 50 years old. Hopscotch 2: Elements is our twist to hopscotch.

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Pigeon Invasion

Digital - Casual iOS Game
iOS/GameSalad/Group Project/2013

Pigeon Invasion was developed as part of a production class where we were able to become familiar with the process of developing an app from the idea stages to the release and promotion.

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Pigeon Invasion in the App Store